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When you engage in an EDventure Experience, you will enjoy a true cultural travel experience created to give you a better understanding of how your individual presence can make a positive and substantial impact within these communities.

Your trip will provide you with the unique opportunity to explore different aspects of another country as you immerse yourself in a new culture, and share your personal experiences.

You will learn about local history and explore spectacular landmarks as you engage with friendly locals to understand more about the local customs and traditions, enjoy local cuisine, experience cultural music and art, as well as enjoy the natural surrounds of our countries, whether it be the green rice paddies and sugar palms of Cambodia, or the lush jungles and beaches of Costa Rica.

The Cambodia Experience

Cambodia is an extraordinary country and there is much to discover and explore. Amongst the folds of beautiful countryside and enchanting landscape are the Khmer – a people of deep-rooted tradition and culture.

You will encounter countless individuals who will welcome you like family and embrace an upbeat, optimistic and light-hearted attitude to life. The Cambodian people have a beautiful nature and approach to everything. They are always smiling and laugh easily and often, despite the fact that many live a challenging life.

Although Cambodia still bears the scars its recent political history, its people are strong, resilient and eager to move forward into the future. They are the endearing kind of people you want to help out. Surprises and unexpected cultural differences abound, but all the warm smiles and laughter will soon make you feel relaxed, and very much a part of a vibrant community.

The Costa Rica Experience

Costa Rica boasts beautiful topography, from pristine beaches to cloud forests, and all teaming with fascinating wildlife. The climate is tropical, hot and sometimes very wet, but the vibe is always “Pura Vida”, a concept which emanates from the local’s approach having easy-going outlook to life, and to enjoy the simpler, but more beautiful aspects of life.

Costa Rica offers so much more than admiring the scenery and discovering the wildlife. Immerse yourself completely in this beautiful latin culture.Explore the coasts or jungles, taste locally grown produce sold in nearby markets, or salsa dance the night away. Enjoy afternoons on the beach with a fresh ceviche, sometimes with a cold, fruity drink, or from a hammock in the shade.